Paul Bush

Senior Vice President, Corporate & Business Development

Paul Bush Photo

Paul Bush is Telesat’s Senior Vice President, Corporate & Business Development. He joined Telesat in 1980 and was promoted to Vice President in 1997. Mr. Bush’s initiatives have included the expansion of Telesat’s Nimiq fleet to support growing demand for direct-to-home (DTH) services in North America.

He also developed and implemented plans that resulted in Telesat becoming the first satellite operator to successfully commercialize consumer Ka broadband services through the expansion of the Anik satellite fleet. More recently, Mr. Bush had a lead role in designing and securing customer commitments for Telesat’s new Anik G1 satellite, a multi-mission spacecraft that includes extended Ku-band for DTH services, X-band for government use, and expansion capacity in C-band and Ku-band over Latin America.

Mr. Bush leads a team of skilled professionals who advance the company's objectives in the Americas and worldwide by leveraging Telesat’s orbital assets, forming strategic alliances, and pursuing M&A opportunities.

Mr. Bush holds a Bachelor of Health Science from the University of Ottawa as well as a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University.