Meeting the Broadband Challenge of Rural & Remote Communities


A key challenge for Canada today, and developed countries around the world, is to bring reliable broadband services to rural and remote communities. National broadband programs are increasingly being adopted around the world and are expected to meet three broad criteria:

  1. Rapid implementation – There is an urgent need today for broadband in Canada’s remote communities to improve quality of life, spur economic growth, improve healthcare and provide other benefits.
  2. True Broadband Performance – Download and upload speeds must support common broadband applications today – for school, home and business – and be sufficiently robust to grow with future requirements. A successful solution must meet or exceed minimal service objectives to be acceptable to citizens, government leaders and other stakeholders.
  1. Cost Effectiveness – The small populations in Canada’s rural and remote communities cannot financially support the types of broadband services that exist in major cities where many thousands can share a common resource over a relatively small geography. Distances between in Canada’s Far North are far greater and local populations are smaller requiring subsidies to implement  advanced broadband services. This is a common approach employed by governments around the world when seeking to meet universal service goals for virtually any infrastructure or resource-.  

Telesat offers a broadband solution today for rural and remote communities in Canada that fully meets the criteria of Canada’s broadband programs. We have been providing video and data services across Canada by satellite for over 40 years and are now working with service providers and government leaders to bring enhanced broadband communications to remote and rural regions of Canada. 

With Telesat’s satellite capacity, residents of Canada’s remote communities no longer need to feel remote once they are able to reliably connect with government and businesses  and connect to fellow Canadians and others around the world via social media. Satellite broadband enables on-line banking, video streaming, e-commerce, videoconferencing, and e-health, greatly improving quality of life and stimulating economic growth.

Contact Telesat to learn more about how today’s satellite broadband solutions can enable residents in Canada’s remote and Northern communities to enjoy what millions in Southern Canada benefit from every day.