Enterprise and Telcos

Satellite networking solutions are increasingly being used worldwide by consumers, corporations, government agencies and telecom companies. Today’s satellite networks offer an unmatched combination of coverage, reliability and performance with data speeds that can readily be scaled to meet virtually any end-user requirement.

  • Telesat is a leader in broadband mobility solutions for ships and aircraft, both commercial and government.
  • For consumer broadband, Telesat owns and operates the Canadian portion of ViaSat-1, the highest capacity satellite in the world and our Anik F2 satellite, launched in 2004, was the first to successfully commercialize consumer Ka broadband services.
  • Our satellites and ground infrastructure support backhaul and trunking services that enable telecom operators to reliably and cost effectively access the Internet backbone and bring advanced IP connectivity to emerging markets

The growing use of high throughput satellites (HTS) has become one of the most exciting developments in the communications industry.

  • HTS deliver significantly increased throughput versus conventional satellites by using multiple spot beams and frequency reuse.
  • Telesat’s new Telstar 12 VANTAGE satellite gives customers access to a combination of broad regional coverage and high throughput beams that yields important operational advantages in network performance.

Telesat satellites are meeting the needs of today telecom carriers looking to connect subscribers to the global Internet, government agencies working to extend broadband access to underserved regions, and corporations upgrading network performance across multiple sites and platforms. Our end-to-end solutions are backed by world-class implementation, training, 24 hour monitoring and support.

You can count on Telesat to deliver the very latest in satellite networking.

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