Consulting Expertise

Telesat is not just a consulting firm but a global satellite operator that manages satellites and satellite networks on a daily basis.  This work enables our engineers to stay on the leading edge of satellite technology.

Telesat has helped procure and deploy more than 100 satellites which have included the following payloads:

  • C, Ku and Ka-band
  • S-band
  • On-Board Processing
  • X-band
  • L-band
  • Ground-Based Beam Formation
  • Electro-Optical (Earth Observation)
  • SAR (Earth Observation)

The proven record that Telesat's consulting group has established advising clients at all stages in their development and on virtually any satellite related topic – technical and commercial – is unsurpassed in our industry.

Specific areas of Telesat’s consulting expertise include:

  • Satellite and launch procurements – We have negotiated contracts on behalf of our clients with virtually all major spacecraft manufacturers and launch vehicle suppliers.
  • Launch Mission Management – We have helped manage launch missions with Atlas, Proton, Sea Launch, Land Launch, Long March, Ariane, Delta, and Dnepr.
  • Satellite Construction Monitoring – We help our customers control schedule, budget, and technical risk to achieve overall mission success.
  • Satellite Flight Operations – Telesat operates many third-party satellites in addition to our own fleet.
  • Frequency Coordination – We have amassed valuable experience in the complex frequency coordination process and helped satellite operators successfully coordinate their orbital positions.

Telesat develops close cooperative relationships with clients – relationships built on our industry knowledge, fast response and passion for your success.

If your organization is contemplating a satellite program or considering participation in a satellite venture, Telesat invites your inquiries on how our consulting expertise can help you achieve your objectives.