Canadian Government

As a leading provider of satellite services to the Canadian government, Telesat has demonstrated its ability to deliver the best combination of price and performance while competing against satellite providers, terrestrial and other non-satellite technologies. Telesat has won contracts to provide C-band and Ku-band satellite capacity and teleport services domestically and internationally, in addition to reselling X-band services globally. Recent awards have ranged from services that expand and improve on communications to, and within, Canada’s Northern communities, to aiding the DND in humanitarian operations in response to natural disasters, to supplying capacity to support military operations abroad.

By including X-band transponders on Telesat’s new Anik G1 satellite, Telesat again demonstrated our commitment to invest in advanced payloads that serve the Canadian government market.

Beyond satellite capacity, Telesat provides Canadian government customers with advanced satellite networking solutions for broadband Internet services. Telesat is unsurpassed in combining satellite and terrestrial sites to create highly resilient “hybrid networks” that can cover virtually any geography. TELiproTM, based on the iDirect platform, is an example of a Telesat service that includes a fully managed, end-to-end private broadband solution that is also ideal for mobile applications.

Telesat utilizes the latest technologies from Comtech, ND Satcom, L3 and other state-of-the-art satellite communications equipment manufacturers in providing RF Teleport based solutions to Canadian government customers.

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