Sun Transit Calculator

When the Sun is close to the line of sight of an antenna following the satellite, Solar radiation can cause degradation of the signal. The Sun Transit Calculator computes intervals where signals may be degraded in two ways:

  • In C/N Mode [recommended], the Calculator uses the antenna frequency and diameter, the System temperature, and the Solar Flux value to compute periods of interference based on Carrier to Noise (C/N) degradation.
  • If the antenna size is not known, Angle Mode can be used to compute times when the Sun comes within 5 degrees and 1 degree of the line of sight of an antenna pointed at the satellite.

Select a satellite and enter a location or click on the map to set a location. Drag pin to move the station. Tabular data is provided on the DATA tab.

Alternatively, seasonal plots of the daily shadow track of the satellite across the Earth can be downloaded by selecting the PDF or CSV buttons below.

Download satellite shadow plot PNG CSV

Enter a location by address, zip/postal code, or latitude,longitude combinations.

  • Address: Ottawa ON
  • Zip/Postal code: K1B 5P4
  • Lat/Long (degrees): 45.422,-75.697

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