International Video

Demand for new video content continues to accelerate around the world, as service providers in both emerging and established markets adopt HDTV, introduce greater interactivity and expand their channel line-ups.

Many of these providers are making use of Telesat’s Telstar fleet to deliver video channels and support contribution services to their customers in the United States, Latin America, the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), and Asia.

Satellites to Meet Today’s Regional Requirements

  • Latin AmericaTelstar 14R/Estrela do Sul 2 is serving a growing number of regional broadcasters in Brazil and neighboring countries.
  • EuropeTelstar 12 delivers HD and standard definition channels for cable providers in Europe. Both Telstar 12 and Telstar 11N support video contribution across Europe and the Atlantic (trans-Atlantic services).
  • Western AfricaTelstar 11N has the power and coverage that is attractive to DTH providers and other video distributors across the continent. Its inter-continental reach is ideal for serving contribution needs from Africa-to-Europe and the Americas
  • Asia PacificTelstar 18 offers C-band and Ku-band coverage to meet the distribution needs of leading regional video content providers like HBO Asia that is using Telstar 18 to roll out its HD services across Asia.

A Winning Choice for Video Services Around the World

Telesat’s satellite capacity, backed by our reputation for local service and support, is proving to be a winning combination for customers in these rapidly developing markets. If you are considering video distribution, contribution, or occasional use services, do what many industry colleagues have already done and contact your Telesat representative.