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Telesat Teleports: Connecting Earth and Space

Telesat provides a range of advanced teleport services that offer cost effective access to our global satellite fleet. Customers can co-locate their equipment at our facilities, avoiding large capital outlays while realizing the added benefits of 24-hour monitoring, security, and redundant power systems, while maintaining full control of their network and remotes through dedicated administrative access.

Even organizations with teleport facilities find that Telesat’s global infrastructure offers them the advantages of large, powerful antennas (9m and above), diverse Internet backhaul, and state-of-the-art hub platforms. We also provision protected, diverse Internet Tier 1 peering points, or termination of customer provided dedicated circuits.

Mount Jackson teleport server room

Explore our Teleport map

Explore our GEO satellite fleet and teleports with our Satellite Fleet Map.

Teleport Services:

  • Uplinking – Large antennas and RF equipment at our teleports enable the transmission of a video and data to one or more Telesat satellites.
  • Co-location Services – Telesat provides rack space, conditioned power, security and support for servers as well as solutions that enable remote management of equipment. Customers can add remotes, change performance parameters and security levels on their own, or utilize Telesat support as needed.
  • SCPC Service – Dedicated IP bandwidth to terrestrially challenged remote areas around the world, typically using SCPC modems provided by Telesat at the teleport end. Traffic can be transported to the Internet or a customer’s private backhaul.
  • Hub-based services – Telesat operates iDirect and Hughes hub platforms that can simultaneously support many high performance networks, leveraging DVB-S2X/ACM and other transmission technologies in C-, Ku- and Ka-bands. High levels of redundancy are integrated into all critical components to assure maximum availability.
  • VNO (Virtual Network Operator) and Hosted VNO Services – Telesat provides the  hub hardware required at our teleport locations to support VNOs. With a Hosted VNO, customers provide their own line cards, protocol processors and NMS and realize the benefits of low costs, scalability and rapid deployment.

Telesat Teleport Locations:

Drone image of exterior Allan Park teleport

Allan Park, ON

Visible arc: 11°W - 151°W
Exterior image of antenna farm at Mt. Jackson teleport

Mount Jackson, VA

Visible arc: 12.5°W - 139°W
Exterior image of teleport in Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Visible arc: 20°W – 107.3°W
Exterior image of antenna farm at Montreal, Quebec teleport

Montreal, PQ

Visible arc: 21.5°W - 139°W
Exterior image of teleport in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB

Visible arc: 45°W - 165°W
Exterior image of antenna farm at Calgary teleport

Calgary, AB

Visible arc: 63°W - 160°W
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