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Oil & Gas Connectivity

High Quality Connectivity for Efficient Offshore Operations

Telesat is revolutionizing offshore connectivity through its advanced network architecture. With true global coverage designed to serve all oil rigs, exploration and seismic vessels, including polar routes, our secure network allows for reliable real-time connectivity for oil and gas connectivity. Our state-of-the-art satellite fleet, engineering excellence, and industry-leading technical expertise delivers enterprise-grade connectivity for offshore and oilfield operations.

Oil tanker in the middle of the ocean
Telesat Lightspeed constellation showing Middle East view

Accelerating Digital Transformation for the Oil & Gas Industry

Telesat Lightspeed will accelerate digital transformation in the oil and gas industry with low latency, high-speed broadband connectivity to offshore assets. Increased automation with cloud-based applications and real-time communication capabilities will create new efficiencies. Furthermore, as a younger workforce replaces the retiring, quality Internet is a key driver of employee satisfaction.


Improved Offshore Connectivity through Unique Telesat Lightspeed Features:
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Low Latency

Twenty times more responsive than today’s GEO satellites for fibre-like performance enables remote monitoring, real-time video, increased automation and ability to connect to secure, cloud-based applications without applying TCP spoofing or acceleration techniques.

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High Speed

Delivering guaranteed (CIR) speeds to a remote with multiple Gbps in downlink and uplink directions ensures hundreds of crew members and thousands of sensors remain well connected.

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Highly resilient network with multiple interconnected satellites always in view and multiple ground nodes without any single point of failure ensures your sites always stay connected.

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Quick Service Deployment

Compliant with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards for seamless plug and play integration allows remote assets to go live quickly.

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Global, Scalable

Every point on Earth is covered, with multiple Tbps of capacity in the network to deliver enterprise-grade connectivity. Sophisticated antennas on each satellite with agile beams can dynamically focus capacity precisely where users require it.

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Telesat Lightspeed delivers transformational total cost of ownership via a highly efficient network, low cost hardware and flexible business models that maximize utilization of the network.

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