Inflight Connectivity

Inflight connectivity that really flies

With our state-of-the-art satellite fleet, engineering excellence, and advanced network architecture, Telesat offers aeronautical service providers reliable and secure satellite connectivity to seamlessly link airlines and their passengers throughout their journeys. Telesat’s advanced network architecture provides support for the inflight connectivity that multiple applications – including engine monitoring, flight crew operations and passenger entertainment – critically rely on.

The Fastest Inflight Wi-Fi, Anywhere in the World

Telesat LEO, our advanced, global Low Earth Orbit network, will offer pole-to-pole fiber-like connectivity with scalable, concentrated capacity around large airport hubs and busy flight routes. Telesat LEO’s unsurpassed performance meets passenger‘s gate-to-gate demand for video streaming, low-latency gaming, VPN, encrypted webpage access, online shopping and more.


Unsurpassed Performance with Unique IFC Benefits

Aeronautical, Maritime, Enterprise, Telecom and Government networks can rely on these unique benefits:

High Throughput

Gigabits per second link speeds and a network with multiple Tbps of capacity ensures every passenger can access bandwidth to stream video, browse the Internet, or perform any other online activity unconstrained.

Truly Global Coverage

Every point on earth is covered so your passengers no longer lose connectivity when travelling through northern latitudes. Our global pool product allows your bandwidth to be allocated to aircraft anwhere.

Low Latency

Our network is about 20X more responsive than today’s satellites and on par with fiber networks. You now can provide an “at work” Internet experience in the sky, which means passengers can use a VPN, access encrypted intranet pages, or participate in online gaming while in flight.

High Capacity for Hotspots

Our intelligent network understands your flight routes and can dynamically allocate additional bandwidth to areas with high traffic or to busy hubs so your passenger experience never trails off.

Always On

Highly resilient, secure network with multiple inter-connected satellites and ground nodes without any single point of failure ensures networks always stay connected.

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