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Consulting Services

Telesat’s Consulting Services

From initial concept, to building, launching and operations, commercial organizations and governments rely on Telesat’s 50+-year legacy of engineering excellence to design their satellite systems. Our consulting group is recognized worldwide for having the expertise that enables our customers to make better decisions.

As one of the world’s most successful satellite operators, our day-to-day work in satellite operations keeps our consulting engineers on the leading edge of satellite technology. Our consulting team has helped procure and deploy more than 100 satellite systems for customers in 42 countries.

If your organization is contemplating a satellite program or considering participation in a satellite venture, contact us to see how our consulting expertise can help you achieve your objectives.

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Spacecraft Consulting Services

With over 50+ years experience in procuring satellites, commercial and government customers can rely on Telesat’s engineering excellence and in-depth knowledge of every major satellite manufacturer.

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Frequency Coordination

Access to satellite frequencies is managed on a worldwide basis through the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Telesat actively participates in ITU regulatory meetings and working groups and has instant electronic access to the ITU database. Telesat prepares all filings in-house for its own satellites as well as those of our clients. Communications link analysis and Earth Station frequency coordination and site measurements are included in our frequency coordination offerings, as well as Bring into Use (BIU) strategies and offerings.

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Satellite Procurement

Satellite operators throughout the world have come to respect Telesat’s record of contingency planning and its strategic processes for satellite design, development, manufacturing, and testing. With direct procurement experience, and valued relationships with every major spacecraft manufacturer, we can reduces the technical risks inherent to all stages of satellite procurement and spacecraft monitoring. Our services include satellite design, RFP development, proposal evaluation, negotiations, in-factory construction monitoring, design reviews and spacecraft testing.

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Satellite Insurance

The risk profile of a satellite program can dramatically influence insurance premiums. Telesat’s technical recommendations are highly regarded by the satellite insurance industry and our engineers are regularly engaged to evaluate satellite designs and potential launch vehicle issues.

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Flight Operations

Telesat’s Satellite Control Division engineers consistently monitors and controls Telesat’s satellite fleet as well as several third-party satellites for our customers. Telesat’s Satellite Control Centre (SCC) is our central facility for on-station and launch mission operations, and we have a second, geographically-separated, redundant control center. Our flight operations services include monitoring, detecting and correcting spacecraft, payload RF performance tests, maneuver planning and real-time, software development and support.

Satellite Launch and Testing

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Launch Services

Telesat has worked with the world’s leading launch vehicle providers over five decades. Our engineering specialists provide launch services procurement support, including launch vehicle recommendations based on the satellite payload and orbital location. Our consultants will assist with RFP development and proposal evaluations. Our engineers will be on site during all phases of the launch campaign, from the satellite’s arrival at the launch site, to mating with the rocket to the final launch.

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Transfer Orbit

Telesat has supported more than 70 launches via our worldwide Transfer Orbit Network. Mission operations are managed from our SCC in Ottawa, Ontario, coupled with our worldwide Tracking, Telemetry and Command (TTAC) network including state-of-the-art facilities in western and eastern Canada and Perth, Australia.

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In Orbit Testing

Our experienced engineers will develop and execute your full IOT plan including the IOT orbital slot location, regulatory coordination, and antenna and related equipment for testing at Telesat’s TTAC sites or a customer premise.

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Terrestrial Consulting Services

Through direct experience with the design, implementa­tion, testing, ground systems operation, and satellite control software and systems for our own proprietary satellites –Telesat has developed the expertise to design and implement satellite control systems for its customers throughout the world. Terrestrial consulting services include site surveys, interference mitigation, facilities construction, RF systems provision, antenna systems, and monitoring and control systems supply.

Training Programs

Given Telesat’s extensive experience as a satellite owner and operator, our unique training programs consist of formal classroom lectures and/or on-the-job training. Customers may choose among defined course offerings and we can customize content to meet specific client requirements.  Example courses include Earth Station Design, Satellite Operations, Systems Engineering, Transponder Management, Frequency Coordination, and Satellite Procurement. Contact us today to discuss your company’s training needs.

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If you would like to learn more about any of our solutions, please get in touch with us today!

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