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Telesat Lightspeed™ LEO Network

Advanced, enterprise-class LEO constellation

Telesat has developed a highly innovative global network composed of 198 state-of-the-art Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, seamlessly integrated with on-ground data networks.

With our 50-year heritage of technical expertise and proven track record of innovation, Telesat will deliver the most advanced network with unmatched speed and performance.


The Telesat Lightspeed Network incorporates next-generation technology including:
LEO diagram of the satellite processor

Data Processing in Space

Full digital modulation, demodulation, and data routing occurs in space, resulting in higher capacity and flexibility.
LEO diagram of the antennas

Phased Array Antennas

Sophisticated antennas on each satellite with hopping beams scan the earth to provide full coverage and can dynamically focus capacity precisely where users require it.
LEO diagram of inter-satellite links

Optical Inter-satellite Links

Data can travel at the speed of light from one satellite to another, resulting in a fully interconnected global mesh network that allows customers to access the Telesat Lightspeed Network no matter where they are.
LEO diagram with both polar and inclined orbits

Hybrid orbits

Satellites in multiple orbits, resulting in complete global coverage, including polar areas, with higher capacity where most of the world’s population lives


Telesat Lightspeed delivers unsurpassed performance at transformative economics

Aeronautical, Maritime, Enterprise, Telecom and Government networks can rely on these unique benefits:

Copper colored icon representing high throughput

High Throughput

Gigabits per second speeds to a remote, and multiple Tbps of capacity in the network ensures enterprise-grade connectivity anywhere in the world.

Copper colored icon representing low latency

Low Latency

The Telesat Lightspeed Network is about 20-times more responsive than today’s geosynchronous satellites and on par with fibre networks.

Copper colored icon representing scalability

Flexible & Focused

Our intelligent network can dynamically allocate bandwidth to areas with high traffic demand such as large communities or airport hubs.

Copper colored icon representing always on

Always On

Highly resilient, secure network with multiple inter-connected satellites and ground nodes without any single point of failure ensures networks always stay connected.

Copper colored icon representing low cost


Telesat Lightspeed technology is more cost-effective for ubiquitous reach than fibre and microwave alternatives. Our disruptive pricing empowers customers to expand their coverage and propel their growth.

Copper colored icon representing ethernet

Quick Service Deployment

Compliant with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards for seamless plug-and-play integration.


Cost-effective user terminals for every application

Telesat is testing and working with leading manufacturers to ensure that cost-effective, high-performing customer terminals are available to access the Telesat Lightspeed network. Telesat Lightspeed will fully support both electronically steered antennas (ESAs) and mechanically steered antennas for commercial, government, and defence markets including requirements for land, land-mobile, aeronautical, maritime, and other platforms. 

Telesat Lightspeed terminals will be easy to deploy, will self acquire the satellite network and will provide Gbps capacity with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) compliant interfaces for seamless integration to the terrestrial network.


Telesat’s first Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite was launched in January, 2018 and is now supporting live demonstrations across a variety of markets and applications. Live demonstrations allow Telesat customers and LEO hardware vendors test low-latency, high throughput performance, satellite tracking and Doppler compensation. 

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