Performance Results

Proven Performance with Telesat’s Phase 1 LEO Satellite

Telesat’s first Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite was launched in January, 2018 and is now supporting live demonstrations across a variety of markets and applications. Live demonstrations allow Telesat customers and LEO hardware vendors test low-latency, high throughput performance, satellite tracking and Doppler compensation.

A sample of completed LEO demonstrations with performance results include:

Telefonica Puts Telesat’s Phase 1 LEO Satellite to the Test; Testing campaign confirms Telesat LEO provides superior near fibre-like performance for high-end satellite services

Halton-Peel Initiated Public Safety Broadband Network (PSBN) and Motorola extend service over Telesat's Low Earth Orbit Satellite

Live Testing With Telesat’s Leo Satellite Confirms Advantages of New C-Com Transportable Antenna System

Gilat's First-to-Flight ESA Terminal Achieves Another Industry-First with In-Flight Connectivity over NGSO

Gilat Achieves Fastest Modem Speeds – 1.2 Gbps over Telesat LEO Satellite

Live testing of Intellian’s Advanced Antenna Technology with Telesat LEO and the U.S. Navy

Telesat and NSSLGlobal Confirm Ultra-Low Latency of Telesat’s LEO System for Government Applications

Thinkom’s Successful Antenna Technology Validation on Telesat LEO Satellite

World’s First 5G Backhaul Demo over LEO Satellite with Vodafone and the University of Surrey

Global Eagle, Telesat Pioneer First Ever In-Flight Broadband Connectivity via Low Earth Orbit Satellite