Universal Connectivity

When We Create Connections, We Unleash Potential for All

Potential to learn, Potential to grow, Potential to prosper.

The digital divide is real
Unserved and underserved internet connectivity prevents populations from participating in and benefitting from today’s digital economy. This includes opportunities for education, job advancement and access to health information, which are essential to the prosperity and empowerment of communities.

0 M
Canadian Households


30 %
World’s Population
do not have access to affordable, reliable, high-speed Internet

Telesat’s mission is to bridge the digital divide and achieve
universal connectivity for all

Knowing that high-speed internet is essential to our daily lives, what are the barriers we face?

Affordable and easily deployable backhaul pipes connect today’s underserved communities to the Internet. These pipes are deployed today via fiber, microwave or satellite.

The cost to lay fiber is extremely expensive and sometimes impossible to install due to challenging terranes. Microwave sites require power, which is limited in remote geographies. With only small populations using these connections, it would take decades for service providers to recoup their investment.

GEO satellites are 36,000 km away in space. With the satellite so far away, users experience lag, slow speeds, time outs, and poor quality.

Telesat's transformational technology makes universal connectivity possible

Telesat LEO is a revolutionary, space-based broadband infrastructure offering affordable and reliable high-speed Internet. LEO satellites are 35 times closer to Earth, so the round-trip signal to the satellite and back takes less than 0.03 seconds. This means every person, everywhere on the planet can have a fiber-like connection to the Internet and participate in everything it has to offer.​

High Speed

A slow connection that times out or takes minutes for a page to load is barely better than no connection at all. Telesat LEO allows you to download at a minimum of 50 Mbps and upload at 10 Mbps, for a true broadband internet experience.


LEO technology is more cost-effective for ubiquitous coverage than fiber-optic and microwave alternatives. Our open infrastructure and disruptive pricing empowers small, local ISPs and wireless providers to expand their coverage and compete for customers.


With a constellation of ~300 satellites providing global coverage, plus the most advanced space architecture ever developed, Telesat LEO provides unprecedented reliability.

A made-in-Canada solution for the world's connectivity challenges

Telesat LEO will create an entirely new technical and economic paradigm for Internet connectivity, resulting in economic growth, expanded healthcare and education, and empowered communities. Together with partners, we strive to bridge the digital divide. Learn how Telesat is enabling Canada to lead the world in universal connectivity.

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