Scholarship Program

Creating Opportunities in STEM: Telesat’s 2022 Scholarship Program

Today, women are under-represented in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and that needs to change. The 2022 Telesat Scholarship Program is aimed at closing this gender gap and inspiring the next-generation of female innovators and leaders. This annual program will provide eight (8) students a scholarship of $5,000 CAD each.

Close-up Shot of a Robot in a Modern Laboratory/ Research Center. Multi Ethnic Team of Male and Female Leading Scientists are Working with Robot.
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Eligible applicants must:

  • identify as female;
  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • be entering or already enrolled in full-time studies of an undergraduate degree in the 2022 academic year;
  • be enrolled in a STEM program;
  • have a minimum cumulative average of 75% (or equivalent) over the last three terms of available marks;
  • be enrolled in an accredited Canadian university


Telesat aims for this scholarship to reflect Canada’s broad diversity and we strongly encourage Indigenous students to apply.

Applicants can view the full program details and apply online. The application and supporting document deadline is 1:00 pm ET, March 15, 2022.

2021 Women in STEM Scholarship Winners

Clare Benson

McMaster University, Electrical Engineering
Clare Benson is in her third year of a 5-year Electrical Engineering undergraduate program at McMaster University. She has always enjoyed math and physics and loves the creative aspect engineering brings to these concepts. On top of Engineering, Clare has a passion for sustainability and plans on integrating this into her future career. Throughout her Electrical Engineering degree, Clare hopes to learn about up and coming technologies that can help with the advancements in renewable energy. During her time at McMaster, Clare has been heavily involved in extracurricular activities, specifically those that support women in Engineering and Science programs. Clare is currently the Social Co-coordinator on the Women in Engineering Society, where she aims to create a welcoming environment for female engineering students. Clare has also worked part time as an Instructor and Curriculum Developer for an all-girls STEM club. Here, she taught girls in grades 4-6 about various concepts of engineering and supports them through their journey of discovering the possibilities in STEM. As a past attendee of the program Go Eng Girl, Clare feels extremely honoured to have been able to teach at this event. Clare is also an active leader within McMasters campus, as she volunteers for Welcome Week and other recruitment events to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment within the University for incoming students. Aside from her academics and extracurricular activities, Clare enjoys spending her free time as a member on various intermural teams, and painting. Receiving the Telesat Women in STEM Award is extremely exciting for Clare and she hopes to continue to advocate for Women in STEM throughout this experience.

Lauren Healy

University of Ottawa, Biochemistry & Chemical Engineering
Lauren Healy is a third-year student studying Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Ottawa. This program allows her to combine her passion for life sciences with her interest in design innovation. As a student studying within fields of engineering and science, the courses she has taken thus far have allowed her to develop her skills in the fields of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and engineering science. While completing two degrees, time management has become a critical part of Lauren’s schedule, in balancing both school and extracurricular activities. Her favourite time spent is in the chemistry labs, working on perfecting new experiments. When Lauren is not in the lab, she is an assistant-producer of The Catalyst, a student-run science journal. Her hobbies outside of school include exploring the beautiful city of Ottawa, as well as watching new TV series. Lauren is very grateful for this opportunity provided by Telesat, and stated “as women are very underrepresented in STEM, I am extremely proud to stand as a female scientist and engineer. Most importantly, I am so excited about encouraging other highly capable women to pursue degrees in science and engineering.”

Mélanie Cadelis

Laval University, Computer Science

Mélanie Cadelis is a third-year undergraduate student, majoring in computer science and management at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada. 

Mélanie believes computer science is a tool that can help the fight against social injustices.

She wishes to inspire future generations and empower women in the STEM field, by showing them that their contribution is essential to create and design solutions that will meet the diverse needs of each. She co-funded Femin-IT, an organization to encourage women in the tech field, is the delegate of her university program, and actively participates in events to promote careers in the IT industry. 

Beyond her community engagements, Mélanie also maintains excellent academic standards, receiving the highest academic achievement and involvement awards of her program.  

Alana Lopes

McMaster University, Physics

Alana Lopes is entering her third year of her Physics degree program at McMaster University. She has always been interested in STEM, particularly in science, but also enjoys working with her hands. As such, she became very interested in Physics and engineering in high school which helped guide her path into this course of study. She is a passionate advocate for equality and inclusivity in all aspects of life, including STEM. Alana noted that it wasn’t easy getting into physics because the vast majority of the students are male, most of whom thought that she couldn’t possibly succeed because the science is too hard, or the math is too complicated. Alana works hard advancements in STEM and serve as a positive role model for younger generations who are interested in STEM and are a part of a minority. Alana believes that creating an environment that is inclusive, supportive, and equal is one of her main goals.

Megha Desai

University of British Columbia, Mechanical Engineering

Megha Desai is a third-year student at the University of British Columbia, pursuing mechanical engineering with the biomedical option. She moved to Canada approximately eleven years ago and calls Fort McMurray, Alberta her home.

She always loved math and sciences, but what drew her to engineering is how impactful it can be in solving real-world problems. For example, inventing carbon capture technology or creating bioprosthetic heart valves! Engineering is also constantly evolving, and she really wanted to pursue a career in a field where she can always be learning something new.

Megha enjoys taking part in club activities and meeting new people at engineering competitions and conferences. She is currently part of the Women in Engineering (WiE) executive team at her university, where she regularly plans events that connect female students with industry professionals. These events also aim to create awareness around the 30 by 30 initiative. Outside of school, she enjoys traveling and working on her bowling skills.

Alana McKee

Carleton University, Electrical Engineering
Alana McKee is entering her final year of the electrical engineering program at Carleton University in Ottawa. Prior to being awarded the Telesat Women in STEM Scholarship, Alana has received the RABC William Taylor Scholarship (2019), the David A. Golden Scholarship (2018), and the Kildonan Education Award (2017). Her engineering work experience includes co-op placements at Magnet Forensics, Rianta Solutions, and Telesat. In 2020, Alana was an invited guest speaker at an Engineers Canada meeting (online) promoting indigenous education in engineering. As well as work and academic activities, Alana is a keen participant in music (vocal performance) and sports. She has performed in numerous fundraising events for CHEO (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) and other charities. As well, she has been active in women’s sports including touch football (QB), volleyball, ice hockey, basketball, and soccer. Alana has received numerous awards for her sportsmanship and team leadership.

Natasha Dmytryk

Queen’s University, Life Sciences

Natasha Dmytryk is a fourth-year science student at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario where she is pursuing a Life Sciences Specialization degree. This year, Natasha is undertaking a pathology-centered research project, through which she hopes to expand her appreciation for scientific research and its ability to be applied in a clinical setting to help diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders.

Over the past three years, Natasha has engaged in a wide range of volunteer and extracurricular opportunities to complement her education. She’s held several positions aimed at helping others, both in her local community and globally. Last year, her involvement with an international NGO enabled her Queen’s team to raise over $20,000 to help impoverished families in Peru who were disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. She currently holds an executive role on this organization’s committee at Queen’s University as well as with the Queen’s Dance Club, one of Canada’s largest student-led clubs. Natasha strives to be a role model for young women in STEM and currently volunteers as a science tutor for local high school students and mentors first-year science students by providing academic advice and easing their transition into university life.

As a Telesat Women in STEM Scholarship recipient in 2021, Natasha now hopes to have the financial support to pursue a M.Sc. following her undergraduate degree in 2022.

Shayna Uhryn

University of Saskatchewan, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Shayna Uhryn is a twenty-three-year-old Métis university student. Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, she is currently attending the University of Saskatchewan – entering her final year in the Honours program of Anatomy and Cell Biology this fall. During this time, Shayna will begin her Honours research project – where she will get an opportunity to conduct clinical research for the first time. Shayna has been fascinated by science since childhood. The diversity in the sciences has attracted her to pursue her education in this area of study. She enjoys problem-solving and will always take on any challenge presented to her. Aside from her studies, Shayna is an active volunteer with different organizations in her community. She has co-created the Indigenous Health and Wellness Group of Peer Health at the University of Saskatchewan. Intending to increase wellness messages specifically for Indigenous students, this group offers a chance to reconnect with their culture and ancestry. Shayna has a passion for helping others and continues to be a positive role model for Indigenous women. She enjoys being active and participating in a variety of activities especially running and hiking. Shayna will forever be a lifelong learner who values family and spending time connecting with Mother Earth.