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GEO Satellites

Telesat’s Geostationary (GEO) Satellite Fleet

Telesat’s global GEO satellite fleet provides coverage and connectivity solutions in C-, Ku- and Ka-bands to meet the needs of broadcast, corporate, telecom and government customers around the world.

Artist rendering of Telstar 18 VANTAGE over star background
Satellite Name
Orbital Location
Anik F1
109.2° WL
Anik F1R
107.3° WL
Anik F2
111.1° WL
Anik F3
118.7° WL
Anik F4
111.1° WL
Anik G1
107.3° WL
Nimiq 4
82° WL
Nimiq 5
72.7° WL
Nimiq 6
91.1° WL
Telstar 11N
37.5° WL
Telstar 12 VANTAGE
15.0° WL
Telstar 14R
63.0° WL
Telstar 18 VANTAGE
138.0° EL
Telstar 19 VANTAGE
63.0° WL

Explore our GEO satellites

Explore our GEO satellite fleet and coverage maps with our Satellite Fleet Map.

Canadian Broadcast Satellites

Nimiq 2, Nimiq 4, Nimiq 5 and Nimiq 6 satellites provide broadcasters and programmers with the capabilities needed to efficiently deliver video content to homes and cable headends.

stylized image of globe with tiny screens wrapped around it to convey global broadcasting

Viasat-1 and other capacity

The Canadian payload on the Viasat-1 high throughput Ka-band satellite is part of Telesat’s global fleet. In addition, Telesat has access to C-band and Ku-band capacity from third party satellites such as EUTELSAT 113 West A over the Americas and others.  For additional information, please Contact Us.

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