We are igniting the future of connectivity today.

We are space pioneers

We launched the world’s first domestic communications satellite, connecting Canada’s North for the first time.

We are satellite experts

We designed, launched and operated over 100 advanced communications satellites.

We are connectivity experts

First to provide space-based internet access, and first to provide 5G connectivity from a LEO satellite. We have facilities across Canada and the world to connect communities, companies, and countries.

We are leaders

We’re Investing in the new space economy and committed to making sure Canada is at the forefront.

We are Canadian

Telesat has created thousands of Canadian jobs and operates world-class satellite networks right here, in Canada.

We are pioneers; experienced, Canadian leaders in the new space economy.
We are Telesat, one of the largest and most innovative satellite operators in the world.
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Fast Internet access here, and everywhere.

Telesat Lightspeed™ delivers fibre-like broadband speeds with pole-to-pole global network coverage. Designed and operated in Canada, deployed into low earth orbit (LEO) to service Canadians, and the world.

What is Telesat Lightspeed?

Telesat Lightspeed is a Canadian- designed and operated global network of satellites in LEO that provides fibre-like broadband internet access to the world — especially for remote and northern communities.

How fast is Telesat Lightspeed?

Telesat Lightspeed is designed to deliver a fibre-like connection experience, ensuring city-quality connectivity everywhere.

Who can Access Telesat Lightspeed?

The global Telesat Lightspeed network will be robust enough to deliver high-availability, critical connectivity for hospitals, municipalities, and government services, but also accessible for telecom companies to expand network coverage to remote and northern communities where traditional broadband is difficult, costly or even impossible.

The rapidly growing new space economy is an opportunity to empower Canadians and fuel our potential.

Telesat Lightspeed connects...

Schools to provide a richer learning experience for students.

Rural, remote and northern communities to have access to affordable fibre-like internet speeds.

Hospitals to connect and deliver health services remotely and bring advanced care to more Canadians.

Traditionally hard to reach geographies to expand connectivity to everyone, everywhere.

The white TELESAT logo mark incorporates all caps, bold weight, and angled corners on each letter over a transparent background

With affordable, high-speed connectivity, Telesat Lightspeed will ensure access to the digital economy to all Canadians, no matter where they live, and substantially increase socio-economic opportunities for all.