Complete Broadband Implementation Solution

Telesat’s R&D Lab has conducted numerous trials and pilot projects in designing, installing and implementing cost effective broadband solutions worldwide.

The Lab has developed a broadband communications model that can support a range of applications and resources for remote and underserved communities, providing for significant gains in healthcare, emergency preparedness, or business continuity. Local wireless services can be quickly and cost effectively implemented along with high speed satellite links to support connectivity worldwide.

Meeting the Broadband Challenge of Remote Communities

Remote communities have similar broadband needs as urban and suburban populations, but require lower cost solutions. Remote communities also tend to have limited access to vital resources such as doctors, teachers, and government services. Telesat’s broadband communications model can virtually connect these vital resources over any distance, reliably and cost effectively, resulting in major quality of life improvements.                                         


An example of a telemedicine application is electronic imaging and diagnostics using ultrasound imaging over satellite that was performed on Devon Island located in Canada’s Far North. Simulated trauma resuscitation was conducted with an on-site medical officer on the island who was able to readily communicate in real time over satellite (Anik F2 – Ka) with medical professionals in Calgary. The simulation confirmed that, with the use of HD videoconferencing equipment and streaming the ultrasound images to the professionals in Calgary, they were fully informed and able to guide the medical officer in Devon if necessary. The remote simulation was televised on the Discovery Channel which can be seen in this video:devon_daily_planet

Key features of Telesat’s Broadband Communications Model

  • Shared community hub
  • Local wireless links within the community
  • High-speed satellite links to other communities
  • High-speed links to major hospitals & other facilities
  • Telehealth, telelearning, videoconferencing
  • High-speed Internet, government services, etc

Whether you are seeking a proven broadband solution or a cutting edge approach using the latest satellite technology, we invite you to Contact Us and learn how Telesat can make a difference in meeting your broadband requirements.