History & Industry Firsts

Today, Telesat is one of the largest, most successful satellite operators in the world. We began fifty years ago when the Canadian Parliament established Telesat as a commercial company with a mandate to provide satellite communications services to all of Canada.

There have been lots of Telesat achievements and industry firsts since then. Telesat satellites played a key role in starting the global DTH market, introducing consumer Ka broadband and high throughput satellites (HTS), and demonstrating new standards for mobile broadband with powerful Ku-band capacity over the Atlantic Ocean.

Telesat is now pursuing the most ambitious initiative in its history: a new Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation that will leverage the company’s global spectrum rights in Ka-band and patent-pending LEO architecture to transform global communications. Telesat LEO will use proven, space-based technologies to usher in a 21st century communications revolution by offering, for the first time, high performing and affordable broadband that customers can easily access anywhere on the planet from a single, secure network.

Telesat’s innovations have been central to the growth of satellite communications worldwide the last 50 years, but we are just getting started. Here are a few historical highlights:

A key part of Telesat’s record of innovation has been our Research & Development Lab -- a dedicated team that focuses on practical communications advancements for leading commercial and government organizations.