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Customers and employees have greater expectations for data connectivity — no matter where they’re located. And they will take their business or talent elsewhere if they cannot gain access to high quality Internet.

For example, 80% of remote employees have said their Internet connection prevented them from getting work done, according to And in a Workfront study, 49% of U.S. workers say technology frustrations would cause them to quit their jobs.

Industries whose facilities and operations are located in rural or remote areas should consider these trends carefully. Employees on oil rigs or cargo ships, for example, need to stay connected to their communities during long stretches away from home. In addition, it’s critical from a health-and-safety standpoint to provide rapid access to wellness services in cases of emergency. Ongoing connectivity is also imperative to avoid any type of business disruption.

Although fibre connections are not possible in the middle of the sea or in airspace, virtual fibre — via Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites — will be.

Telesat Lightspeed LEO satellites will deliver real-time communications data in remote areas such as the Arctic, national and international airspace, and maritime locations where little-to-no connectivity infrastructure exists. It is specifically engineered to deliver fibre-quality, high-speed, low-latency broadband to the entire world.

These capabilities make Telesat Lightspeed an effective, reliable source of connectivity for multiple industries.

  • Logistics and Maritime. The constant movement of shipping vessels and freight trucks can make it challenging to establish continuous Internet connections. Operating at an altitude of approximately 1,000-1,300 km from Earth, Telesat Lightspeed satellites provide significantly reduced latency than Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit (GEO) satellites, which sit around 35,000 km from Earth. That means LEO satellites can support real-time applications – including video conferencing. Also, with 188 interconnected satellites that are seamlessly integrated with on-ground data networks, Telesat Lightspeed offers resilient connectivity that can provide robust Internet experiences for thousands of passengers on large cruise ships
  • Aviation. Telesat Lightspeed can provide high-speed inflight connectivity, including affordable, low-latency broadband connections with global coverage, including polar routes. Its high-volume capacity means that airlines can delight passengers with seamless entertainment streaming during flights.
  • Oil and Gas. Offshore and oilfield operations benefit from the advanced network architecture of LEO satellite connectivity. For example, oil-and-gas rigs can use the low latency, high speed, and high capacity of Telesat Lightspeed for real-time communications. Secure, cloud-based applications that require significant uplink bandwidth like remote drilling and data monitoring, or even  gaming apps for resident workers will now be possible due to LEO connectivity.
  • Mining and Scientific Operations. Satellite connectivity can transform these industries. Telesat Lightspeed can be used to: send and receive imagery of remote landscapes; surveil environmental conditions; monitor machinery or instruments; and provide robust communications for personnel.
  • Enterprise Connectivity. Any business with remote locations or global reach will benefit from LEO satellite connectivity. Telesat Lightspeed delivers secure Internet, VPN, video conferencing, and access to cloud applications in areas unreachable by fibre connections to seamlessly link all business operations. In addition, it provides backup reliability to avoid business disruption should traditional communications infrastructure become damaged due to natural disasters.

Enterprises in multiple industries will have the ability to provide robust connectivity for their employees, customers, and business operations. Telesat Lightspeed delivers highly secure, seamlessly integrated connectivity services that help organizations achieve their communications objectives.

Learn more about how Telesat Lightspeed delivers connectivity for enterprises.

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The white TELESAT logo mark incorporates all caps, bold weight, and angled corners on each letter over a transparent background

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