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Telesat and SatixFy to Validate Advanced Next-Generation Modem Designs for Telesat Lightspeed LEO Network

Six-month early access program will demonstrate SatixFy’s innovative, highly integrated chip to power the revolutionary performance of Telesat Lightspeed Landing Stations and User Terminals

OTTAWA, CANADA, March 10, 2021 – Telesat, one of the world’s most innovative satellite operators, announced today an agreement with satellite communications technology company SatixFy, giving Telesat early access to SatixFy’s second-generation Sx3099 modem chip. Under the agreement, SatixFy and Telesat will demonstrate advanced modem designs for both Landing Stations and User Terminals for Telesat Lightspeed, Telesat’s revolutionary Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network.

The companies will perform a six-month requirements verification program, focused on the development and testing of evaluation boards and prototype modem units. The companies will also conduct integration work and interoperability tests with the Telesat Lightspeed satellite onboard processor.

SatixFy’s advanced Sx3099 modem chip is capable of processing multiple gigabits per second in both transmit and receive directions. The highly integrated, high-performance chip is well suited for the advanced requirements of the Telesat Lightspeed network and can support high-capacity links and beam hopping with lower power consumption, smaller cell size, and lower price points than competitive offerings.

“SatixFy is at the forefront of high capacity, high-performance SATCOM chip development, and the Sx3099 modem chip has the features and capabilities to meet the challenging enterprise-grade service delivery requirements of the Telesat Lightspeed network,” said Erwin Hudson, Vice President, LEO at Telesat. “SatixFy shares Telesat’s commitment to redefining satellite-delivered broadband connectivity and we have been impressed with SatixFy’s consistent and focused execution of their technology roadmap.”

“We are proud to make Telesat our first customer for the Sx3099,” said Yoel Gat CEO of SatixFy. “The technology fit between the high-performing Sx3099 modem chip and the Telesat Lightspeed ground segment infrastructure is excellent. We are excited to partner with Telesat to redefine broadband connectivity and to support the early deployment of Telesat Lightspeed services.”

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