Powerful Broadband Solutions for Africa

Demand for satellite communications across Africa continues to grow even after billions of dollars have been invested in new fiber links to Africa’s coasts. The reasons are simple: satellite is unmatched in cost effectiveness and reliability for broadband VSAT networks and other high demand applications such as video distribution.

Satellite broadband is helping drive economic growth while improving educational services and quality of life across the continent. Many organizations looking to maximize the performance of their African VSAT network have concluded that the single beam coverage and power of Telesat’s Telstar 11N and our new Telstar 12 VANTAGE satellite provide them with real operational and cost advantages.

Choosing either of these Ku-band satellites for your African service can result in reduced bandwidth, lower equipment costs and more timely activation. Telesat has the expertise to quickly implement or expand a VSAT network over Africa, or connect to one from Europe and other developed regions via our teleport in Mt. Jackson, Virginia, near Washington, DC.

Telesat’s African Ku-band capacity supports oil, gas and mining networks, maritime services, broadband connectivity, GSM backhaul and a host of other communications.

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