Corporate Networks

Terrestrial service providers are often surprised to learn that demand for broadband satellite networks continues to grow, especially among corporate users in developing markets.

These networks offer  a number of advantages, including:

  • Ubiquity – virtually no geographic limits to network implementation or expansion 
  • End-to-end control – utilizes simple network architecture
  • Reliability and consistency – provides for uniform SLA and QoS across network
  • Scalability – can quickly add more nodes on the network with equivalent performance
  • Diversity – Independent of terrestrial

Combining these advantages with the facts that network performance continues to improve while costs have declined – both for hardware and bandwidth – it’s easy to see why the use of corporate VSAT networks is expanding in so many markets. Telesat has the expertise to design, install and manage these networks for virtually any requirement -- networks that can either stand lone, or complement a terrestrial solution.

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