Today’s most sought after satellite networking services fall into two broad categories:

Private Networks – Can be implemented anywhere in the world for any number of sites – both in fixed and mobile environments – with security and QoS levels to match customer needs. Choose narrowband for point-of-sale, SCADA and similar applications, or satellite broadband that enables seamless integration with terrestrial networks and delivers IP performance at remote sites on par with the home office.

Learn more about two fully managed, end-to-end Telesat broadband services that use the HughesNet (iMpACT) and iDirect platforms.

IP Trunking and Cellular Backhaul  Telesat has the capabilities and expertise to quickly implement satellite connectivity that can reliably support Internet access and bring 3G, 4G and other advanced services to virtually any location, from the Pacific Islands, to the mountains of the Andes, and even reaching Canada’s Far North. Telesat  has extensive experience working with carrier customers around the world. We understand your goals and are ready to provide space segment or assist in the design and implementation of a hybrid network (satellite and terrestrial) that integrates with your existing infrastructure and fully meets QoS and other  performance needs.