Transformational Connectivity on the High Seas

Telesat is revolutionizing connectivity at sea through its advanced network architecture. With true global coverage designed to serve all routes including emerging polar routes, our secure network allows for reliable real-time connectivity for cruise, yacht, merchant shipping, and oil and gas. Our state-of-the-art satellite fleet, engineering excellence, and industry-leading technical expertise help to deliver home-like internet to passengers anywhere and unparalleled operational connectivity for ship-to-shore sensor and positioning information.

Telesat LEO, our advanced, global Low Earth Orbit network, will meet the unique remote-to-shore connectivity requirements critical to the modern maritime industry. From the “moving city” nature of cruise ships to unique operational needs of merchant shipping, Telesat LEO offers multiple Gbps link speeds and Tbps of capacity to meet passenger demand. Low latency allows for seamless VPN access, encrypted web page access, e-commerce and entertainment applications, as well as real-time internet streaming for crew morale and welfare.