Igniting the Future of Connectivity, Today

Telesat ignites the future of connectivity by delivering critical connectivity solutions that tackle today’s most complex communications challenges.

Our Purpose

Why Telesat?

We bring innovative solutions to market that expand the reach of transformational technologies and connect the unconnected.

How we do it:

We leverage 50 years of technical expertise, world-class talent and strategic commercial partnerships to engineer and operate advanced, robust network architectures.

What we do:

We deliver satellite communications and consulting services, tailored to the needs of businesses and communities around the world, designed to accelerate connectivity.

Our Heart & Values

1. We’re… customer centric.

We work openly, responsively and collaboratively with our customers to shape their offerings, expand addressable markets and facilitate growth.

2. We’re… established.

We didn’t just arrive on the scene. We’re a “50-year-old start-up” that’s been leading and disrupting communications for decades, from our world-class GEO satellite fleet to our revolutionary, soon-to-be-launched Telesat LEO network.

3. We’re… engineering driven.

Our legacy of industry-leading engineering excellence and technical expertise allows us to design creative, flexible and robust satellite network architectures.

4. We’re… global.

We combine global coverage and scale with on-the-ground, local expertise and deep market knowledge to tailor the right solutions for customers — anywhere.

5. We’re… focused on the future, today.

With Telesat LEO, we’re taking on one of the most ambitious communications challenges in history while continuing to anticipate the needs of our customers today.

If you share our collaborative, customer-centric values and want to help us transform global connectivity, view our openings and apply to join our team!