Telesat LEO – Phase 1

First Ever LEO In-Flight Broadband Connectivity

In October 2018 Telesat LEO demonstrated industry-leading data upload speeds from the aircraft including movie streaming during in-flight testing. The tests were conducted on-board Global Eagle's "Albatross One" aircraft equipped with their Ka-band satellite antenna integrated with Gilat modems. 

The tests validated the performance of the antenna on Telesat LEO Phase 1 including:

  • Antenna tracking capabilities
  • RF performance
  • End-to-end network testing

Results included the lowest latency of any satellite link to date. During the flight multiple air-to-ground two-way videoconference sessions were maintained and secure cloud and VPN applications were tested. The shortest delay observed was 19 ms round-trip time from aircraft to ground terminal.

Launched January 2018

Telesat's LEO Phase 1 satellite was launched January 12 from ISRO’s spaceport in Sriharikota, India. The satellite is healthy and orbit raising is complete and payload testing is in progress. The spacecraft is in its final orbit at 1,000 km sun synchronous.

Testing during Phase 1 using the satellite will include:

  • Satellite tracking & Doppler compensation
  • Low latency network performance
  • User terminal validation

The satellite will be made available to customers for tests & demonstration in the second half of 2018.

January 12 - PSLV-C40 Mission Liftoff and delivery of Telesat LEO Phase 1 Satellite