Telesat LEO – Terminals

Cost effective user terminals for every application

Telesat is working with leading manufacturers and developers so our customers will have a variety of terminals to make full use of Telesat LEO at the right performance and price points. Telesat LEO will fully support both electronically steered antennas (ESAs) and mechanically steered antennas for commercial, government, and military markets including requirements for land, land-mobile, aeronautical, maritime, and other platforms. ESAs have attracted tremendous interest within the satellite industry as well-established suppliers and new entrants work on ESA development. Telesat is following their activities and collaborating directly with some of these companies to make sure they will have high performance, cost-effective products available to support the roll-out of Telesat LEO services.

Telesat LEO terminals will be easy to deploy, will self acquire the satellite network and will provide Gbps capacity with a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) compliant interfaces making a seamless integration to the terrestrial network.

Terminals will be available for all types of applications ranging from fixed services, land, marine and aero mobility services, in the form of low profile ESA or traditional mechanically steered antennas from 65 cm aperture size and up.