Telesat LEO – What makes it great?

Innovative design drives superior performance and value

The superiority of Telesat LEO results from our innovative system design that will leverage Telesat’s worldwide rights to ≈4 GHz of Ka-band spectrum – bandwidth that is ideal for high performance broadband networks.

High Throughput

Gigabits per second (Gbps) links available to individual customers along with multiple Terabits per second (Tbps) of total system capacity, dynamically allocated wherever it’s needed.


Low Cost

Telesat’s service offers a cost per Megabit per second (Mbps) comparable to, or lower than, the lowest cost space systems in the market, or being developed. This is enabled by a system design that drives maximum efficiency from Telesat’s Ka-band available spectrum and other network resources.


Flexible & Focused

Hundreds of Gbps available to serve multiple users in areas of high demand such as busy airports, major shipping centers, or a community/region requiring immediate communications.


Low Latency

Typical round trip latency of 30-50 msec, more than 10 times faster than GEO satellites. The ultra low latency of Telesat LEO combined with the system’s superior speed and capacity results in a user experience on par with the most advanced terrestrial networks but with worldwide availability. Compare LEO to MEO, GEO and Fiber.


Global Connectivity

Telesat’s patent-pending constellation design combining polar and inclined orbits will offer fiber-like broadband anywhere on the globe, even in the most remote locations such as oceans, deserts, hostile areas, and the north and south polar regions.



Plug & Play

Telesat LEO utilizes an open architecture with the space-ground air interface based on an implementation of the DVB S2X standard. Layer 2 network interfaces built to MEF Carrier Ethernet specifications will allow customers to establish connectivity and access data just as they would on a typical terrestrial network.



Secure & Resilient

Telesat’s LEO system uses optical inter-satellite links to directly connect locations anywhere on earth, allowing global connectivity on a single network. Multiple satellites will be available to each user regardless of location, along with multiple beams on each satellite.


Telesat simulation of a LEO, MEO, GEO and fiber connection loading a website