Telesat LEO – What makes it work?

Advanced technology ensures high capacity, high flexibility, and low cost

Telesat is positioned to deliver the world’s most advanced and capable LEO constellation given our deep technical expertise, strong record of innovation, Ka-band spectrum rights, and industry-leading customer service and support.

Telesat will combine the following elements and features to deliver a next generation, global telecom system with unmatched speed and performance.


Spectrum Rights

Access to ≈4 GHz of Ka-band spectrum, combined with frequency reuse, allows for greater than 10 THz of global spectrum available.


Combined Polar & Inclined Orbits

The patent pending constellation design will efficiently provide global coverage while maximizing capacity over high-demand areas.


Inter-satellite Links

Enables a satellite with no gateway in view to connect with other satellites for efficient gateway access. Any terminal on earth can be instantly connected and utilize the full features of Telesat’s LEO system, regardless of location.


Direct Radiating Array

Independent agile beam steering and beamforming capabilities ensure that capacity is instantly available wherever it’s needed based on customer demand.



Onboard Processing Payload

Allows traffic to be efficiently routed throughout the constellation, improving link performance and increasing capacity compared to bent-pipe payloads.



System Resource Manager

The core of the Telesat LEO constellation which controls the entire system to ensure optimal capacity and coverage.



Global Gateways

Optimally located based on traffic modeling, greatly reducing the complexity required to connect to a customer’s Points-of-Presence as compared to today’s satellite systems.



Illustration of Telesat LEO system transporting traffic to a gateway in USA (Florida) from user locations in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean & Pacific Ocean

  • Demonstrates inter-satellite links directly connecting a user in the Mediterranean to a gateway in the USA
  • Note: illustration represents only a portion of the system

Illustration of Telesat LEO constellation's combined polar and inclined orbits