Telesat LEO – Who is it for?

Next generation broadband everywhere

The goal of providing universal and cost effective fiber-like connectivity has proved elusive for the communications industry and slowed the world’s digital transformation.

Telesat’s LEO constellation will both enable and accelerate this transformation by providing high performing, cost effective, fiber-like connectivity anywhere on the planet for business, government and individual users.

See how Telesat LEO serves Mobile Network Operators, details for other markets below

Cellular/Mobile Backhaul

Cellular/Mobile Backhaul

Fixed Wireless Backhaul

Billions of mobile subscribers in developing markets often lack reliable, high speed and cost effective access to the Internet backbone. With Telesat LEO, wireless carriers in emerging markets will be provided with high capacity links enabling their growing base of subscribers to fully access capabilities of 3G and 4G services. Telesat LEO will have many advantages over multi-hop terrestrial microwave and legacy copper in serving cellular/mobile backhaul requirements. Low latency will enable use of cloud-based Radio Access Network (RAN) technology and avoid the need for TCP acceleration. And our network will have high resiliency ensuring that cellular operators receive a continuous, high quality service.

Consider a small town in a remote location. While a 3G/4G network will not be economical to serve for small populations, a fixed wireless connection via satellite could provide a true digital transformation for thousands of small towns and villages worldwide.

With a flexible solution that can meet future backhaul needs, Telesat LEO provides a lower cost backhaul solution compared to terrestrial multi-hop microwave or legacy copper. 

Learn more about how Telesat LEO can help win mobile customers via ubiquitous network quality.

Rural & Remote

Schools &


Civil government

To boost digital inclusion in remote and rural communities, the acceleration and growth of broadband to households and institutions (schools, hospitals, offices, etc.) is needed. Schools will have access to low-cost, high throughput connectivity to stream videos and offer online collaboration. Remote hospitals can rely on telemedicine to provide video consultations, analyze medical images in real-time, and access electronic health records. Branch offices can quickly download large files from servers at headquarters. Rural governments will be able to operate as efficiently as their urban counterparts.

Telesat LEO will provide competitive solution to close the digital divide between rural and urban.





Oil & Gas

The maritime market, including cruise, merchant ships, fishing vessels and yachts, will also benefit from Telesat LEO’s ability to focus capacity and meet seasonal demand when multiple ships are in the same port. With cruise operators increasingly competing against land-based resorts, they will benefit from economical, high performing broadband to profitably deliver to their passengers a user experience on par with advanced terrestrial networks, including low latency. The high resilience of Telesat LEO will ensure a continuous service, as ships will have multiple satellites in their field of view regardless of location.

The oil and gas market will benefit from a high throughput, low latency service allowing for real-time data transfer between automated platforms and on-shore control centers. The Telesat LEO constellation provides high capacity and secure broadband in any exploration and production area, even at high latitudes. Lower data rates will also be available to increase operational automation and enable new business models.


Commerical Aviation

Business Aviation

Commercial Drones

For aviation, Telesat LEO enables high capacity around major airports to ensure peak demand is met. Our global coverage and low latency will support a seamless user experience and deliver superior in-flight connectivity on every flight from takeoff to landing, regardless of route. Our low cost capacity will enable new business models for airlines as well as allowing connectivity-led operational automation for improved profitability.

Learn how to reimagine aero connectivity with Telesat LEO.


Unmanned Platforms


Morale, Welfare, Recreation

The high bandwidth, low latency and high security of Telesat LEO brings a new level of broadband performance to military users and support growing applications such as enabling control and navigation of unmanned aerial vehicles. Global, continuous and highly secure coverage will be provided over any territory even without using local ground gateways. And of course the high bandwidth of Telesat LEO will deliver superior broadband for MWR (morale, welfare, recreation) on land, at sea and in the air.

Collaboration Avenues


Telesat is already working with customers on such activities as validating Ka-band antennas, user terminal equipment, modeling traffic demand and defining services. Customers provide traffic profiles and network performance criteria (SLA, latency, jitter, etc) to help shape the architecture of the Telesat LEO system.

Phase 1 Test Campaign

Telesat’s Phase 1 LEO satellite was successfully launched in January 2018 and will be available to select customers for tests and demonstrations in the second half of 2018. The test program will include experiments from both Telesat and customer facilities to validate the network performance from low earth orbit.