Telesat LEO - Why LEO?

“The future is already here — it is just not very evenly distributed” William Ford Gibson

In today’s world, fiber quality broadband is not evenly distributed globally which limits the places we can experience at-home or city-like broadband.

A family is going on a vacation but is halfway through a season of the latest hit on Netflix. Imagine offering them the continuity of their home experience by providing streaming service in-flight or in the middle of the ocean on a cruise.

Employees at a remote office need to access documents for a project. Envision providing the capability for them to instantly download a large file from the server at headquarters.

Telesat LEO provides the solution of seamless broadband, available worldwide, with unmatched speed and performance.

Advanced Low-Earth-Orbit Satellite Constellation

Telesat is launching a state-of-the-art satellite constellation of highly advanced satellites in low-earth-orbit (~1,000 km from earth; ~35 times closer than traditional satellites) that will seamlessly integrate with terrestrial networks. The global network will deliver fiber quality throughput (Gbps links; low latency) anywhere on earth. This is a highly flexible system that dynamically allocates capacity where there’s demand, thus maximizing system efficiency.

This is a future-proof solution to backhaul cellular traffic, and to provide high-speed broadband access to planes, ships and remote enterprise and government users. Capacity will be available as layer-2 connectivity for service providers to connect their end users.

As a highly advanced and efficient system with unparalleled economies of scale (multiple Tbps of usable capacity with global coverage), Telesat LEO will deliver to target markets a lower cost solution compared to any other satellite system, thus delivering economical fiber quality connectivity anywhere.

Transforming Global Communications

Telesat has worldwide rights to ≈4 GHz of Ka-band spectrum that is ideal for high performance broadband networks. Telesat's Phase 1 LEO launched successfully on January 12, 2018. Project plans are moving forward aggressively to begin service in 2022.

Telesat has a fifty-year history of successful innovations that have reshaped global communications. With our LEO constellation, we will enable economical fiber quality broadband anywhere and once again transform global communications.