Telesat LEO - Why LEO?

“The future is already here — it is just not very evenly distributed” William Ford Gibson

Telesat LEO, our Low Earth Orbit network launching in 2022, will be an industry-leading, next generation satellite constellation that leverages our global, priority Ka-band spectrum rights and patent-pending architecture to fundamentally transform global communications.

Telesat LEO will deliver a combination of high capacity, security, resiliency and affordability with ultra-low latency and fiber-like speeds. Telesat LEO will help close the digital divide in remote and challenging locations, accelerate 5G expansion, and set new levels of performance for enterprise, telecom, mobility and government broadband connectivity on land, air and sea.

Advanced Low-Earth-Orbit Satellite Constellation

Telesat LEO will seamlessly integrate with terrestrial networks to deliver fiber-like throughput (Gbps links; low latency) anywhere on earth. This is a highly flexible system that dynamically allocates capacity where there’s demand, thus maximizing system efficiency. Capacity will be available as layer-2 connectivity for service providers to connect their end users.

As a highly advanced and efficient system with unparalleled economies of scale (multiple Tbps of usable capacity with global coverage), Telesat LEO will provide unsurpassed performance at transformative economics.

Transforming Global Communications

Telesat has worldwide rights to ≈4 GHz of Ka-band spectrum that is ideal for high performance broadband networks. Telesat's Phase 1 LEO launched successfully on January 12, 2018. Project plans are moving forward aggressively to begin service in 2022.

Telesat has a fifty-year history of successful innovations that have reshaped global communications. With our LEO constellation, we will enable economical fiber quality broadband anywhere and once again transform global communications.